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Emalyn Anguiano

General Manager


  • SRN Agency will introduce the best possible in-home caregiver we can find for our clients, to serve them and their families with compassion, dignity and respect as we work toward bringing them back to health or as we guide and support them through the most difficult time.


  • Our company is to build a foundation of support for our clients comprised of family. We will work together to maintain the client’s quality of life, every single day. It is our goal to keep our clients empowered in every way possible through home care providers in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

  • Our company is dedicated to finding the perfect match of client and caregiver. Our reputation and success are built upon trust. We become familiar with the client’s needs and personality so they will feel at ease with their new family member.

  • SRN Agency understands how difficult it may be to bring a stranger into your home. We help take the worry out of that decision for you. We hand select our experienced caregivers to place in your home facility.

  • As an immigration consultancy firm, we give you the appropriate advise regarding immigration issues and assist you in processing your immigration related applications/documents.